Welcome to Project Challenge

  • Program Location:

    6020 W. 151st Street
    Oak Forest, Illinois 60452
    Phone: (708) 687-4971
    Fax: (708) 687-6495



    Kristine Jones
    (708) 342-5384


    Assistant Principal:

    Colleen Geary
    (708) 342-5379


    Program Secretaries:

    Shiren Cannon
    (708) 687-4971


    Donna Wasik
    (708) 687-4971

  • Project Challenge is a high school program that enables students to complete their high school curricular requirements while exploring post secondary educational and employment opportunities. Students attend this half-day program in the morning or afternoon. Students receive individualized instruction in the core content areas from a certified teacher and work at their own pace to complete their graduation requirements. A counselor and paraprofessional provide additional assistance for the students.


    Project Challenge’s alternative setting fosters increased independence and responsibility. The program structure allows students to be treated as adults. The life-long connections with the adult facilitators, peers and the local community are unique factors of this program that facilitate student success.