2020-21 Payroll Schedule

    Timesheets to be paid on the end of the month payroll should be submitted for approval by the 15th of the month to your supervisor. Timesheets to be paid on the 15th of the month should be submitted for approval by the 30th of the previous month. 



    • Full-time employees are paid based on the salary schedule provided in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement
    • Full-time employees are paid their annual salary divided by 24 pays. Pay dates are on the 15th or the business day before and the last weekday of the month. 
    • The first pay period for 12 month employees is July 1st. The first pay period for 10 month employees is September 15th. 



    • Part-time employees receive a contract indicating an hourly rate and workload expectation. 
    • Part-time employees are paid based on timesheet submission or assignment in Absence Management when filling a long-term vacancy. All timesheets must be approved by a supervisor or AESOP assignments reconciled by a supervisor before payment is processed. 




    Authorization Form 

    • Use the authorization form to start automatic payroll deposits, change your banking account information or cancel direct deposit.
    • To start or change direct deposit, submit this completed form along with a voided check or form from your bank confirming your account numbers to the Payroll Office. It takes two pay cycles to begin or change a direct deposit following submission of the form. 
    • In the event of banking fraud and a cancellation needs immediate attention, contact Kelly Kmetty at kkmetty@swcccase.org or 708-342-5350. 



    • If you have a change of name, address or contact number, please complete the Change of Information Form and submit it to Gloria Powers in Human Resources at gpowers@swcccase.org. All name changes require an updated copy of a social security card. 


    • If you moved and this results in a change in your bank, please complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form to indicate this change. 


    • If you need to update your Federal or State withholdings, please complete a new W-4 form and submit it to Kelly Kmetty at kkmetty@swcccase.org. 

    Federal W-4

    State W-4


Paycheck MEME
  • If a form or link is not working properly on this page, please notify Kelly Kmetty at kkmetty@swcccase.org.