Stop and give yourself a break.  We have all heard the benefits of being mindful.  Well, 2020 is the year we should all start.  We need some TLC as well as our students.  Below are 2 mindful activities you can do in person or virtually.  Try starting or ending your school day with one of these mindful ideas.  They will surely help you and your students relax and refocus.


    STARFISH BREATH-  Close your eyes.  Hold up 1 hand like a starfish.  With the other hand, use your pointer finger and slowly trace the outside of each finger.  Breathe in through your nose as you trace up the finger and breathe out through your nose as you go down the finger.  Repeat 5 times


    MINDFUL SEEING- Take a moment to find something yellow (or any color) nearby.  Observe everything you can about your object.  What shape is it?  How does it feel?  What other yellow things can you find?  Do this for 1 minute.


    After you do these activities ask your children what they notice about themselves.

    IELDS- Benchmark 32.B.ECa Participate in discussions about finding alternative solutions to problems