Self care
  • 8.11.21 Self-care for you!

    Hopefully everyone had a relaxing summer and is feeling refreshed starting the new school year.  Things are a lot better than last year, but they are still not 100% back to normal.  Teacher self-care is critical to our jobs.  We must learn and implement ways to take care of ourselves in order to be prepared to be the best teacher for our students.  Self-care is not self- indulgent.  Self-care will promote long- term health, while self-indulgent habits will just create a substitute for your problems with only a short term fix.  What will you do this school year to take care of yourself so you can be your very best? Our jobs are highly stressful and only you can take the steps to take care of yourself.  Below are 3 activities you can do with your kids that will help you along with teaching your students about self- care at a young age.

    1.Try this visual Breathe Board with your kids twice a day.  It will relax you and the kids,if you make it a classroom ritual.

    1. Teach your students a few positive affirmations to say each day to get the whole class in a good frame of mind and ready to learn.
    2. Share this list of self-care activities with your families

    It is probably a good year to all put ourselves FIRST