• Tip of the week – Process Art Process art are product art are different things. With product art, children know from the teacher’s model what the end result will be and they follow step by step directions on how to complete it, sometimes with the pieces already cut out for them. All projects look the same. Process art means giving materials and perhaps an idea of an open-ended project, then allowing the child to experiment and express themselves. There is no “right” way and every child’s art will look different. Process art not only encourages critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity but it lends itself to open ended questions and discussion. Some ideas to ask students:

    • I see you have purple on your paper. How did you make that color?

    • You said you made an apartment building. How do people get to the top floor?

    • What story can you tell me about your picture?

    • I can see you worked hard on that. What part did you like making the best?

    • You told me you wanted to make a painting. What materials will you need to get? What will you do first?

    Get kids creating and talking!