• Making Good-Byes Easier We are all back to school by now. We have settled into our “school” routine, but some of our student’s may still be having a very hard time separating from mom, dad, or their caregiver. Transitioning back to school after a long break can cause separation anxiety for some children. Drop off can be a rough time for both the caregiver and the child. The trick to a smooth drop off is to be prepared, make the transition fast and follow a routine. Now is the time to help your parents develop a drop of routine that works best for their child and then it is important to help them follow the routine. Once the child enters the classroom, here are 4 simple steps you can follow to help the child transition. 1. Have a schedule posted at eye level so the child know what is coming next and when the day is over. Refer to the schedule throughout the day. Routines create security and stability. 2. Create a cozy corner/safe place- Create a place where children can relax, calm down and manage their emotions. 3. Allow our child to keep a little something form home in their cubby or backpack. This little something special may be all your child needs to help him/her get through the day. Allow the child to peek at their “special” if he/she starts to get sad. Your student will not need this all year. Separation anxiety can be difficult on the student, parents and you. By working with your parents to develop a routine and creating a safe and caring classroom, the child usually adapts quickly to being away from family