Welcome to the DESTINY Program

  • Program Supervisor:

    Lisa Schouten
    (708) 342-5330


    Program Secretary:

    Natasha Hampton
    (708) 342-5381


    Program Locations and Calendars:

    Kerkstra School
    14950 Laramie
    Oak Forest, Illinois 60452
    Kerkstra Calendar

    Arbor Park Middle School
    17303 Central Avenue
    Oak Forest, Illinois 60452
    Arbor Park Calendar

    Oak Forest High School
    15201 Central Avenue
    Oak Forest, Illinois 60452
    Oak Forest High School Calendar

  • DESTINY Mission Statement

    To provide stimulating and meaningful education to our students with multiple disabilities using proven methods, various technologies, and integrated related services in a safe and nurturing environment in order to help each individual reach his or her maximum level of independence in all facets of life.


    Program Philosophy

    The philosophy of the Discovering Every Skill That is Now Yours (D.E.S.T.I.N.Y.) Program is that each student should be challenged to develop independence and meaningful participation within their classroom, school, home and community environments. We believe that every student can achieve and become a contributing member of society. We provide students with life skills instruction using research-based and scientifically-proven methods and materials, and we afford students daily access to multiple technologies. We believe in the use of a supportive and nurturing environment for learning, and we rely heavily on a multi-disciplinary approach to meeting all of our students' diverse educational needs.