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  • Program Location:
    14535 John Humphrey Drive
    Orland Park, IL 60462
    Phone: (708) 873-1600
    Fax:     (708) 873-1786

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    Jennifer Wlodarski

    Assistant Principal:
    Julie Beasland

    Program Secretaries:
    Maria Casebeer

    Pam Ostrowski




  • It is the goal of the Transition program to facilitate the successful transition of our young adults with diverse abilities into the postsecondary world.  The Transition program is a not for credit placement that focuses on the development of functional life skills and vocational skills education. Students are provided with realistic vocational training experiences throughout the surrounding communities.  Furthermore, the program offers a variety of in school vocational training opportunities for students to practice and further develop solid work habits. The program also offers vocational assessment opportunities in the form of on the job assessment, vocational exploration, and utilizing the SWCCCASE’s PAES Lab. Students are provided with the opportunity to grow and expand their life skills through a variety of classes offered at the site.  These classes include, daily living skills, functional academics, and personal-social skills. Additionally, the program also offers support to students that are competitively employed or enrolled in classes at one of the local community colleges. Staff work to ensure that students and families are supported throughout this process and assist with making linkages to resources and service providers, as appropriate. The SWCCCASE Transition Program is located in Orland Park and serves students ages 18-21 years old. 

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