Welcome to the Vision and Orientation & Mobility Program

  • Program Location:

    6020 W. 151st Street
    Oak Forest, IL 60452

    Program Supervisor:
    Jennifer Lucas
    (708) 342-5315

    Program Secretary:
    Kathie Alm
    (708) 342-5366

  • SWCCCASE Vision and Orientation and Mobility services are available to students who are totally blind and those whose vision, even with correction, adversely affects their educational performance. Services are provided by licensed teachers for the visually impaired as well as certified orientation and mobility specialists, where appropriate.

    Services are provided to students, parents, and staff members through consultation and direct instruction to address vision needs as identified on the students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Student needs are determined through evaluations including but not limited to functional vision assessments and learning media assessments. Other assessments may be conducted as determined by the IEP team. Services are provided on an individualized basis and may occur within the students’ home schools, cooperative serving sites, and their home communities as appropriate.  

    Types of services and specialized instruction provided to students with blindness or visual impairments may include: 

    • Selection and use of adapted materials/equipment such as Braille, large print books, audiobooks,
    • Selection and use of assistive technology to increase access to materials and environments in the school and community settings,
    • Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC), which includes daily living skills
    • Concept development
    • Organization
    • Learning through an alternate sense
    • Orientation and mobility
    • Transition planning