Welcome to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

  • Philosophy

    The philosophy of the Southwest Cook County Cooperative Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is to foster language acquisition to facilitate academic success, maximize socialization and secure vocational / postsecondary opportunities. Each student is considered an individual with unique abilities and needs. 

    We believe any communication approach to be used should be based on student need, however auditory, verbal and visual modes of communication are all stressed. Related services are provided with an integrated approach in an effort to support the self-advocacy, language/linguistic, social/emotional, vocational and technological needs of this unique population.

    Instructional Program Design

    The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Instructional Program is housed in age appropriate Public School classrooms for students ranging in age from 3 to 21 years. The program uses a multidisciplinary team approach with services being provided by classroom teachers, speech/language pathologists, an audiologist, social workers, transition/vocational specialists, and other personnel as deemed necessary.  A strong effort is made to ensure parents/guardians are a part of this team. 

    The team works together to address the unique academic, linguistic, social-emotional, and vocational needs of the deaf and hard of hearing students. Students are provided with academic opportunities in deaf and hard of hearing self-contained classrooms using the standards based general education curriculum with or without accommodations and modifications. There are also academic opportunities available within the regular education classrooms when appropriate. A wide variety of extra curricular opportunities with accommodations and modifications are made available to the students.