• Tip of the week  - Review of the Invisible String


    The past 18 months have been fraught with uncertainty and change.  This is, of course, the hardest thing for young children.  They need to know they still have family, friends, people to talk to even when we are not physically together or are unable to hug and play.  It was with this in mind that I read The Invisible String by Patrice Karst.

     In this book, two frightened siblings run to their mother at bedtime because they get scared of a storm and want to stay by mom.  When mom assures them that “You know we’re always together, no matter what” the children want to know how this is possible.  And mom explains how we are all connected by “a very special String made of love.” 

    The story is comforting and sweet, with simple watercolor illustrations.  The book is useful for coping with loneliness, separation issues and loss.  The  message that we are together even when we are apart is a strong one, especially during these trying times.

    “And from deep inside, they now could clearly see…no one is ever alone.”

    Invisible string book cover, a cartoon drawn adult and two children with a heart on a string hanging in front of them; author name on the bottom and the book title on top